Vintage & International Jazz... with a Tropical Twist!

Versatile, multilingual, Hawaiian jazz vocalist Nikki Dee will "knock your Aloha shirt off" with a seamless blend of styles and languages that will transport you around the world, from Brazil to Hawaii to the French Caribbean (and beyond!).

In a single evening you'll travel back in time to the boisterous speakeasies of 1920's New York; sip cocktails in a small café in 1950's Paris or Rome; samba the night away in present-day Rio de Janeiro; and feel a lovely hula girl (or beach boy!) slip a lei around your neck in old Waikiki.


The band features:

  • * Nikki Dee on vocals, ukulele & percussion
  • * Matt Wexler on upright bass (
  • * Tim Tacket Brown on drums (
  • * Rotating guest musicians on piano, guitar, accordion, vocals & more!



BLUE HAWAIIAN will "officially" launch THIS SUMMER! Stay tuned for details...

Join us to celebrate this uniquely sunny & spicy new Seattle band, featuring the best of vintage, modern, Latin & European jazz... with a tropical twist!